April 2020

The Launch of Readers Digested (dot) Com

After rewarding experiences at Comic Cons and Book Panels through Midwestern AmericaMcConnaughay makes the decision to branch off from Mishmashers Publishing and create Readers Digested, a website dedicated to all things horror and horror related. With it, he brings both novels Catherine: Forever with Love and Lunacy’s Dance, acting as the freshman and sophomore products of the new company.

AS of Now

A Spotlight and Celebration of Creators and Content

Readers Digested has prided itself as, not only a celebration of horror and its content creators, but a way to spotlight them. Since its inception, the brand has interviewed seven artists: – including director Gregory Plotkin of Paranormal Activity fame and Robert Englund, actor known for his work as Freddy Krueger. Readers Digested looks to offer a perspective on both mainstream creators, as well as offer a platform to help others build.

October 2020

Readers Digested’s Third Novel is Published

Celebrating Halloween in exciting fashion. McConnaughay publishes his ninth novel, a dark-fantasy, called The Heir’s Brother.

November 2020

Readers Digested’s Receives “The Aeonian Fantasy”

   In addition to The Heir’s Brother, the third installment of The Aeonian Fantasy, Readers Digested has made the decision to now house McConnaughay’s novels The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief and Katalene the Hollow under our umbrella.

AS of now


Readers Digested was founded by McConnaughay, and, on many counts, is run solely on his part. However, Readers Digested is not a single person’s blog page and hopes to reach newfound heights in every proceeding month. Since operation, McConnaughay has collaborated with writers like Todd Rigney (writer of the .found novel – now a feature film), continued his collaboration with Scott Moore (writer of The Wardens) and Rebeccah Grace, whose works will be seen in an upcoming Readers Digested Anthology novel called Rabies & Germs. McConnaughay has also brought writer John Clarke on-board, whose reviews and opinion can be seen heavily across the website’s main page. His participation in the Anthology is also expected. Other reviews have also contributed, such as Adrian Anna LeeMister Fabulist, and Mercy Grim.


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