Movie Retrospective: – Poltergeist (1982)

           In the UK we do not have the PG-13 certificate. Up until 1989 we had U, PG, 15 and 18. When Tim Burton’s Batman was released in 1989 there was some furore that only those over 15 were allowed to view it at the cinema and a lot of young […]

Game Review: “Mortal Shell”

Reviews    In an earlier review, I referred to the videogame Hellpoint as one of the most polarizing experiences I had this year gaming, but, in truth, that very same thing could have applied to developer Cold Symmetry‘s game Mortal Shell. Released less than a month apart, it was only natural that both Mortal Shell and Hellpoint would come to […]

Game Review: “Hellpoint”

Reviews    Hellpoint is, perhaps, the most polarizing experience I have ever had while playing a video-game, and that makes it one of the most difficult, yet exciting to write about.    Developed by Canadian company Cradle Games and published by tinyBuild, Hellpoint was released on home-consoles with what felt like little fanfare to speak of. I […]

Game Review: “Dead Cells”

Reviews    Although the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak has had a noticeable impact on the entertainment industry, particularly for film, with companies struggling to distribute their films in a way that’s financially viable and practical to its consumers. A lot of films have been postponed indefinitely. I don’t know about you, but this has left a sizable hole I […]

Movie Retrospective: – “Candyman” (1992)

        SPOILERS ABOUND.    In 1987, writer Clive Barker directed Hellraiser. This wasn’t the first film he’d written but it was the first he directed. His next directorial venture, Nightbreed (1990) wasn’t a commercial success and he didn’t return to directing until 1995 with the film Lord of Illusions. I’ve never been […]

Game Review: “Dark Souls III”

Reviews    The Dark Souls is the source for one of my deepest affections in the gaming industry. Although I have talked about Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and so on, in the past, I believe this next batch of reviews (where I re-play and re-review the Dark Souls series and Demon’s Souls, respectively) will be […]

Game Review: “MediEvil”

Reviews    In 1998, in time for the Halloween season, Sony Computer Entertainment published MediEvil for the Original PlayStation, introducing the world to Sir Daniel Fortesque, an unlikely hero, at best, in a hack and slash adventure that has stayed in the minds of gamers many years thereafter, myself included.    I have a lot of memories about the original MediEvil and its many splendors […]

Movie Review: “Assimilate”

Reviews    I went into Assimilate with little to no expectation and no insight ahead of the fact. I wasn’t even for certain about whether I would talk about the film because the circumstances I watched it under. Have you ever browsed through Netflix and then HBO Max, and then Hulu, and then Shudder, and still not been able to find anything to watch? […]

Movie Retrospective “A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

           What is the difference between a remake and a reboot?    A reboot is when a franchise erases some or all of it’s previously established continuity and tells the story afresh. We might see all or some of the characters we’ve previously met, but they might be played by a […]

Movie Review: “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”

Reviews      The first Godzilla (that is, of Warner Bros.’ new Monster-Verse) was either a failure or success dependent on who you ask and on your definition for both terms. Critically, Godzilla received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics and a more lukewarm reaction from moviegoers. In-terms of box-office, Godzilla was an expensive investment. I talked about this in an earlier […]


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