Movie Review: “Godzilla vs Kong”

   Almost as soon as it hit HBO Max, I watched “Godzilla vs. Kong” for a couple of reasons. The first is that I’m a Godzilla fanatic – have been…

Movie Review: “Big Ass Spider!”

It's the theme of regular Joe’s working their regular jobs who are confronted with the extraordinary and have to rise above the perceived smallness of their lives in order to achieve greatness that elevates “Big Ass Spider” more than I thought possible. The film smartly keeps its characters focused on their goals without drowning in pathos or hubris.

Movie Review: “Hard Ride to Hell”

“Hard Ride to Hell” isn’t the best pick for a genre film, but it’s a decent curiosity if you want to check out a bunch of TV actors before they were names, with a really good turn by Miguel Ferrer as a proper heavy. It’s also short, so for a 90 minute quick hit so if you’re in the market for a horror film starring hell bikers, here you go.

[Exclusive] A Video Conversation with David Rosiak (Writer – Hard Ride to Hell, Sharkswarm, Grave Misconduct)

   Film writer David Rosiak does us the privilege of sitting down with Readers Digested writer Mitch Youngblood for a cool, laidback conversation about the development of Hard Ride to Hell, as well as other features…

Movie Review: “Spectral”

Is the film ridiculous? Hell yes it is, and I love that. It offers up a crazy premise then sticks with it start to finish. Rules are established and adhered to. Characters demonstrate growth. There isn’t a maudlin, tacked-on love story to drag the momentum to a halt. But the film also has a great montage of people building stuff in a workshop to go fight ghosts using high tech gear and machines and the inner child in me loses his mind during sequences like this.

Movie Review: “Dog Soldiers”

What then of the film maker who decides to make a movie featuring antagonistic werewolves that face off against British soldiers on a training mission - men who have the skill, experience, and drive to shoot Fate in the face and the sass to tell it to f%$^ right off for good measure?

Movie Review: “The Thing” (1982)

Remove that faith, the absolute conviction which above all will ensure a man’s survival at the edge of the world, and all that’s left is out-of-control survival instincts in a place where no one will swoop in to save the day.