Movie Review: “Spectral”

Is the film ridiculous? Hell yes it is, and I love that. It offers up a crazy premise then sticks with it start to finish. Rules are established and adhered to. Characters demonstrate growth. There isn’t a maudlin, tacked-on love story to drag the momentum to a halt. But the film also has a great montage of people building stuff in a workshop to go fight ghosts using high tech gear and machines and the inner child in me loses his mind during sequences like this.

Movie Review: “Dog Soldiers”

What then of the film maker who decides to make a movie featuring antagonistic werewolves that face off against British soldiers on a training mission - men who have the skill, experience, and drive to shoot Fate in the face and the sass to tell it to f%$^ right off for good measure?

Movie Review: “The Thing” (1982)

Remove that faith, the absolute conviction which above all will ensure a man’s survival at the edge of the world, and all that’s left is out-of-control survival instincts in a place where no one will swoop in to save the day.