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   The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief is the first installment in The Aeonian Fantasy, a series of interconnected stories, all set inside of the same world. This was not the initial intent, but was, rather, a “happy” accident that occurred very organically. I choose to parenthesize the word “happy,” because of the ramifications of The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief’s very existence altogether.

   After my first novel Blind Salvation, I had the idea for a new fantasy novel called The Aeonian. The concept was built around the idea of Gods used as weaponry, combating against each other. That’s what The Aeonian’s are, more or less, Gods that emptied themselves of mind and soul, becoming empty, but powerful husks that could be used as a veil or guardian across each major city of Maharris – Acera, Urgway, Jalint, Hardan, and Italina, respectively.

   I wrote and fully finished The Aeonian in 2013, clocking out at a little over 100,000 words, which is, at the moment, still my longest novel. Around this moment, I started to think about sharing my work and how I intended to publicize my content. I did not want to publish chapters of The Aeonian online, as I had aspirations for a more traditional route for the fantasy story. Instead, I came up with a simple idea, what if I wrote fun, little stories about one of its characters, a thief named Secrat, and what he did prior to the events of The Aeonian?

   As one story finished, another arrived, and very soon, it became less a serialized concept and more a straightforward narrative altogether, amounting to, what is now, The Red Flux’s first installment. However, because the events of The Aeonian would heavily spoil The Red Flux, that meant I could not possibly publish my finished Aeonian story until after The Red Flux’s storyline is completed. The way it looks though, I have changed so much about the world, fleshed out so many characters, and done so many things, I could not imagine much, if anything, of the manuscript is usable. Thus, The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief killed my second finished manuscript. I think it was absolutely for the best.

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