Blog: “Have You Ever Watched the Wrong Film?”

  Have you ever watched the wrong film by mistake? Maybe you watched Hercules Reborn instead of The Rock action flick, or maybe you somehow wound up with the Japanese Spider-Man series? Shares yours.

   I had a very tightly-knit family as a kid. This was, in-part, because of convenience afforded by us all living next-door to each other. My house (where I lived with my mother and brother Michael) was separated from one set of neighbors by a tall wooden fence. This made everything from our side of the picket fence feel like our own small-village. The next house over was my aunt and uncle and their son, and one house over from them was my grandfather and grandmother (and my older brother Scott).

   This created a certain dynamic where every house felt like our own and no area was off-limit.

   I remember when I was a kid, my uncle was real big into renting DVDs from a rental store and burning them onto disc (which is very illegal by the way). He had a stack of them and I remember that I swiped a copy of “Girl Next Door,” a film I had assumed from my friend Legend’s (real name, by the way) instruction was a 2004 romantic-comedy film about a high school student that falls in love with a former porn star. Of course, because it was a “burnt disc,” our only indication was the title chicken-scratched onto the disc with a sharpie.

   The film ended up being the 2007 film of the same name loosely based on the true events surrounding the torture and murder of a young girl. Instead of a light-heart and goofy film about complicated love and absurd shenanigans that ensued, my friend and I were treated to a very harsh film about incest / rape and the cruelties we humans can inflict on each other. The bread and butter of American cinema!

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