[Readers Digested Presents] The Color House

   Rabies and germs, the second installment in the [Readers Digested Presents] lineup is now officially available on Amazon for the Kindle, and we could not be any more psyched about it! Written by S. A. Moore, the emotionally driven tale is a horror-of-the-mind, asking you one important question: – when the stakes are high, how far would you be willing to go to get back the things you loved?

   The Color House is an intense tale of self-discovery in the face of pure evil. No one has ever escaped such odds. There are no first-hand accounts of its horrors. All anyone can honestly say is that once you go in, you never come out.

  Can an old soldier be the first to find his way through the confines, or will he become another victim losing everything he ever loved?

   The story can be purchased for only $0.99, a transaction that not only supports the author, but supports our ongoing aspirations at providing a platform for writers of both horror and dark subject matter.

    We hope you will consider buying yourself a digital copy, and, as always, we are nothing except grateful for your time. Thank you!

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