[Readers Digested Presents] The One-Two Punchline

   Rabies and germs, the first installment in the [Readers Digested Presents] lineup is now officially available on Amazon for the Kindle. Written by McConnaughay, this psychological thriller novelette weaves a comedic, but emotionally driven tale about an artist’s introspection and the numerous pitfalls they are faced with.

   In The One-Two Punchline, Jimmy is an aspiring comedian with enough years under his belt to appreciate the cliched reality of existence as an aspiring comedian. Although his dreams continue to grow, his likelihood of success dwindles, so, too, does his grip on reality.

   The story can be purchased for only $0.99, a transaction that not only supports the author, but supports our ongoing aspirations at providing a platform for writers of both horror and dark subject matter.

   We hope you will consider buying yourself a digital copy, and, as always, we are nothing except grateful for your time. Thank you!

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