[Readers Digested Presents] Catherine: Forever with Love | by McConnaughay

   Hey, everyone!

   My name is McConnaughay and I am the founder of Readers Digested (dot) com, a platform for dark storytellers and horror enthusiasts alike to share their opinion and their stories with others who might appreciate them. I am very proud of the community we have created since March (birthed from the ashes of all the Covid-19 pandemic has scorched in its wake, eh). Of course, as much as we love sharing our opinion on the latest feature films we have seen or shining a light on low-budget filmmakers and new, upcoming talent like Robert Englund (I kid), something I encourage everyone to do on the website is this: – create something.

   Because, in the end, that’s a big part of Readers Digested and our ecosystem. We critique and celebrate, but I also hope we can directly contribute to the genre itself. That’s why I am excited to introduce you guys to my first horror novel called Catherine: Forever with Love. Now, longtime readers and supports will know this, but I wrote and published Catherine: Forever with Love back on Halloween 2017 and made it available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. If you haven’t yet, and you want to support the novel, you can purchase the novel directly that way. Also, once it can be done safely, I will have a batch of the paperbacks at Comic Cons and book panels throughout the Midwest, so a select few of you will be able to snag a signed copy!

   If that’s not your style though, we have a really neat new feature on Readers Digested as well! Accomplished through the Patreon subscription service, you can now access full length Readers Digested creations directly on the website with our premium PDF embedding software. It was important to us that the software was convenient and of a high standard.

   ‘Cause you guys deserve it. And, frankly, we owe it to ourselves to bring you the best we can offer.

   The software allows you to open the PDF file in full screen and has been tested to make certain it works well with our website layout, as well as on mobile devices. You can read Catherine: Forever with Love on Readers Digested in full for only $1.99 paid through Patreon. You will also receive access to all of our upcoming releases we have scheduled to come out.

   If you are on the fence though, that’s okay! For my works, at least, I will be uploading them incrementally as Free Content on Readers Digested (using the same premium PDF embedder). You can start by reading the first chapter of Catherine: Forever with Love right now!

   Consider this as your official go-to post for all things related to the horror story Catherine: Forever with Love, because, as I post incremental posts, I will also be making brief “behind the scenes” comments about my writing process for the story, as well as insight into what I learned and what may come next for the story.




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