Rabies and Germs: An Anthology (Update – 10/31/20)

   In a brief Halloween update, I wanted to let you guys know about our upcoming Anthology, aptly named Rabies and Germs.

  • I recently sent Scott Moore his novelette “The Color House” back to him, and now, we only await his final draft.
  • My novelette “The One Two Punchline” was recently finished. I have a handful of small touchups I want to conduct prior to final submission, but, we can more or less consider it in the “Complete” column.
  • John Clarke’s entry into the Anthology is anticipated sometime in November. After it is sent, I will begin the editing process on his work as well.

   The hope is that the first installment of Rabies & Germs will be about 100,000 words in length. Including Scott and I’s novelettes, respectively, our current word count is about 26,000 words. Thus, we are about one-quarter of the way finished with the Anthology.

   We remain actively in search for participants who might be interested in getting involved in the project. Other than the names mentioned, we have a couple others in mind as well, who may or may not see themselves featured in the finished product. Individuals interested can reach me by emailing readersdigesteddotcom@gmail.com, or by contacting us directly on our official Twitter account.

   Hope to have more information shortly,



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